"In Search of Samuel Phillippe Rods" now shipping

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"In Search of Samuel Phillippe Rods" now shipping

Postby eclecticguy » Tue Nov 19, 2013 6:27 pm

Thomas Kerr's new book In Search of Samuel Phillippe Rods is now shipping. This is a great book on an early American rodmaker who was surrounded by a lot of controversy decades after his death. Samuel Phillippe not once laid claim to having invented the split bamboo rod, but Dr. James Henshall (author of The Book of the Black Bass) for some reason known only to him promoted the myth.

The book has photos of an extremely beautiful and interesting nickel silver and mother of pearl reel made by Samuel's son Solon. You can see it on the cover (upper left):


Limited Edition of 100 signed and numbered hardcovers with dust jacket • Softcover Edition • 168 pages • 52 figures • printed in the USA

Tom Kerr and Charlie Fleischmann have researched Samuel Phillippe for the past three years, trying to assimilate everything ever written about him, trying to locate any surviving rods and trying to unravel the truth about The Origin of the Split Bamboo Rod as variously described by Dr. James A. Henshall and Samuel's son Solon in several editions of The Book of the Black Bass.

A wealth of new information and new interpretations of old findings have evolved. Phillippe guns, violins, rods, reels and creels made by both Samuel and his son Solon Chapeia Phillippe have been traced through the angling literature for the past 170 years. The diligent search efforts by rod historians such as Ken Cameron, Mary Kelly, Vince Marinaro, and Marty Keane plus numerous Easton, Pennsylvanian rod collectors such as Asher J. Odenwelder, Jr., John W. Farquhar, William J. Daub and Gordon Brown have been re-examined and correlated as well.

Truth is sometimes disappointing, but historians and collectors usually want truth and some form of understanding and closure. They may find it here. If not, they at least have the seeds for continued research.

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 1:


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