Queerie re page 76

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Queerie re page 76

Postby badboy6070bce » Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:09 am

Hi Michael, thanks for the replies you have given me so far.

I am now doing the spool plates. so far so good.

1\ At the top of page 76, The NOTE says "not to drill the location marked for the handle hole. That will be performed in the next step."

Then immediately in 7 it says "drill the handle hole"??

Have I missed something out here with its understanding. I really dont want to mess anything up here??

2\ I cannot find any delrin locally but have some aluminium 2 inch rod and going to use this as a hub and turn it down on my taig. I cannot see any problem with this but might have overlooked something maybe??.

Already planning my next build. This is addictive and am getting withdrawal symtons when not working on it!!

Is this a normal occurence with reelsmithing?? :ugeek:

Kindest regards

Chris from Yorkshire U.K.
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Re: Queerie re page 76

Postby eclecticguy » Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:45 am

Chris, the reason is that the handle hole is drilled with a #30 gauge drill. The holes drilled in Step 6 are 3/16". I wanted to make sure you don't accidentally drill the handle hole with too large a drill!

Aluminum works well for a hub as does Nylon. If you can get stock closer to 1" it will save you a lot of work! Delrin is a trade name (DuPont), the common name is Acetal. Try to find Acetal (or Acetal Co-polymer), it will be the same stuff basically.

Yes, many of us have become addicted! I guess that makes me a "reelsmithing pusher"!

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