Milling our Ported Aluminum Reel Kit parts

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Milling our Ported Aluminum Reel Kit parts

Postby TheEclecticAngler » Tue Feb 07, 2012 9:07 am

We made this video over the weekend that shows how we mill all of those little cutouts on our Ported Aluminum Reel Kit.


You can see it in HD on YouTube too.

As you can see, the milling of the spool plates and back plate takes a while (about 20 minutes reel time but the video has been sped up in sections to cut it down to about 9 1/2 minutes). With the spiking interest in the "Maker" generation I know lots of reel smiths have made or considering making CNC machines - converted mills, routers, etc. Maybe this will give you a little extra inspiration!

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