A little Philbrook & Paine "foot work"

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A little Philbrook & Paine "foot work"

Postby eclecticguy » Tue Nov 27, 2012 10:30 pm

Sorry for the little play on words! As I make my way through the amazing collection of Philbrook & Paine parts I now own, I constantly discover new things. I've been looking at the assortment of reel feet in the collection - parts as cast from the foundry in bronze and nickel silver to partically finished with soldered on pillars to mostly finished reel feet. Here is a sampling (click the photo to get a higher res version):


In the collection is a partially assembled small trout reel frame with red & black mottled side plates. I've scrutinized this frame 100s of times and didn't notice - until last night - the the reel foot is completely different! In fact, I've not seen another P&P reel with a foot like this.


Take a look at the orange arrow in this photo:

The patina and corrosion on this frame look to be very old and original. The foot and frame are nickel silver as are the screws. The foot has a "2" stamped on the bottom. At first I thought the pillars were separate and pressed into place but on closer scrutiny I can see machining marks at the base of all 4 pillars where they protrude from the foot itself. There is evidence of similar machining marks on the shaft of the pillars too. It looks like a tool designed to cut the outside of a rod was used - sort of like a non-tapered pencil sharpener.

The slots on the screws are also off center and quite different than the 100s of screws in the collection (which all have near perfect slots). There are also lathe marks on both the outside and inside surfaces of the mottled mud side plates.

I wonder if this was an early prototype or experiment? I'd be interested if anyone has seen a reel foot constructed like this on a P&P or Leonard or Mills raised pillar reel.

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